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A brief introduction to the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society was established in 1921 to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

The National Honor Society Constitution

Being a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors a high school student can receive. Centennial High School's chapter strives to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of students who have demonstrated scholarship, service, leadership, and character inside and outside of school. Grade point average is not the only determining factor for admission into the National Honor Society. A commitment to service is required to ensure that Centennial's chapter activitely assists the community. The Society is based on four key pillars:


Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 (weighted) on a 5.0 scale meet the scholarship requirement for Centennial's chapter. "These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character.


This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or outside community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit.


Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitudes about life.


The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.


Giving Back to the Community

Service, one of the National Honor Society's four pillars, is essential for forming bonds within the school and community. Second year members are expected to complete a minimum of 32 service hours each academic school year, while newly inaugurated first year members must complete at least 24. Students have organized and carried out various events, including the 5k Run for Coffee, the Celebration of the Arts Gala, and Toys for Tots charity drives. Current Centennial National Honor Society members should login to the Volunteer page using the link below.


Meet the Students Behind this Organization

The National Honor Society is currently composed of numerous Centennial Students. We look forward to welcoming new members this fall. If you would like to contact the Centennial National Honor Society, please reach out to one of board members, who are listed below. Additionally, all current members of the National Honor Society are listed by graduation year.

Position Name Class Year Email Address
Advisor Lori Estes Staff lori_estes@hcpss.org
Advisor Thomas Wheeler Staff thomas_wheeler@hcpss.org
President Yehji Hwang 2024 yehji.hwang@gmail.com
Vice President Jenny Min 2024 minjenny10@gmail.com
Secretary Tanvi Gupta 2024 tgspelling@gmail.com
Historian Tate Hancock 2024 tate.m.hancock@gmail.com
Historian Cate Jorgensen 2024 jorgensencate@gmail.com
Parliamentarian Maxwell Swann 2024 maxwellswann@gmail.com
Webmaster Aryan Sharma 2024 aryan.sharma0714@gmail.com
Member at Large Abigail Rothrock 2024 aprothrock14@gmail.com
Member at Large Tavroop Kaur 2024 shernikaur@gmail.com

  • Addalia, Caleb
  • Adebanjo, Nisola
  • Alpaugh, Jack
  • Balakirsky, Max
  • Baynes, Natalie
  • Blackman, Joanna*
  • Camp, Ava
  • Chao, Abigail
  • Chary, Sriya
  • Conrad, Abby
  • Feng, Audrey
  • Finnegan, Chelsea
  • Fradlin, Michelle*
  • Frazier, Maurice
  • Godschall, Mailinh
  • Gowda, Arnav
  • Hubbard, Reagan
  • Iyer, Abishek
  • Jagarapu, Vijay
  • Jensen, Ryan
  • Kim, Evan*
  • Kim, William
  • Lee, Karis
  • Lim, Yeseo*
  • Lin, Anlan
  • Liu, Allie
  • Liu, Christine
  • Lokesh, Vikas
  • Luo, Nicole*
  • Mei, Gordon
  • Murphy, Neil
  • Nawathe, Dia*
  • Ni, Rachel
  • Norton, Allison
  • Pan, Clara
  • Parepally, Nithya
  • Pearson, Walter
  • Recksiek, Emily
  • Richards, Samantha
  • Sabnis, Aman
  • Salter, Evan
  • Shastry, Surabhi*
  • Sodhi, Anurag
  • Stachera, Jack
  • Vuyovich, Lillian
  • Vyas, Rohan
  • Wagle, Nandini
  • Weaver, Adria
  • Westlake, Cameron
  • Won, Kristine
  • Wu, Edwin
  • Wu, Renee
  • Yu, Justin
  • Zhang, Patrick
  • Zhao, Madison*
  • Zhou, Justin*
  • Zhu, Lanting
  • Zou, Ryan
  • Bernhardt, Callista
  • Chang, Ryan
  • Cheung, Norah
  • Choe, Lucy
  • Crumley, Allison
  • Cui, Nicholas
  • Damdinsuren, Oyujin
  • Fang, Benjamin
  • Ghosh, Ayush
  • Gupta, Tanvi
  • Hancock, Tate
  • Herdson, Riley
  • Hong, Sarah
  • Hwang, Yehji*
  • Jenkins, Claire
  • Jorgensen, Cate
  • Kaur, Dilpreet
  • Kaur, Tavroop*
  • Kim, Jiwon
  • Kim, Leia
  • Lobin, Maya
  • Min, Jenny
  • Rajagopal, Pavin
  • Ramreddy, Avyukth
  • Ritter, Melanie
  • Rose, Ava
  • Rothrock, Abby*
  • Schmitt, William Patrick
  • Sharma, Aryan*
  • Swann, Maxwell
  • Wu, Isabella
  • Yang, Benjamin
  • Zhan, Cindy
  • Zhang, Sophie


Join Centennial's National Honor Society

Becoming a part of Centennial High School's NHS involves Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. Eligibilty entails that you have at least an unweighted 3.40 cumulative GPA by the end of your sophomore year or junior year. After finishing the application process, you must be selected by our faculty council. NHS is only for upperclassmen. The interest meeting powerpoint can be found in the Minutes section below.


Have a question? Check here, or check our bylaws!

How do I apply for board?

First fill out the board application found in the minutes section of the website. However, this will not be available until later in the year.

Why was I not accepted?

You did not meet at least one of the criterion in: service, leadership, character, or GPA, or you did not correctly complete your application.

How do I appeal the decision?

Please talk to Mr. Wheeler or Ms. Estes if you wish to begin the appeals process. Appeals must be completed within ONE WEEK of receiving your result.

If there are co-sponsors for a club or activity?

You can put down either sponsor or both.

Do I have to type the entire application?

Yes, the application will not be reviewed unless it is typed.

If I can’t find the telephone number of a sponsor, can he or she directly handwrite it?

If the sponsor is affiliated with Centennial High School, you can provide the school phone number. If the sponsor is not affiliated with Centennial High School, he or she can handwrite his or her phone number on the application.

I can’t physically reach my sponsor! What do I do?

You can attach (to the application) a printed email message from your sponsor that verifies your participation; however, whether or not an email is sufficient is at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor (i.e. you must speak to the Faculty Advisor beforehand).


Check here for presentations from the general meetings!

Check back later in the year for more information about WorldFest.

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