thurs, april 12
5-9 PM | Centennial HS

Hosted by NHS


Filled with the vibrancy of our world’s myriad of cultures, WorldFest is a captivating celebration of the diversity displayed by the students and staff of Centennial High School. The event features unique opportunities to enjoy ethnic cuisine, dancing, activities, and artwork, all of which are produced and coordinated by the students themselves. Participants can gain appreciation for the many aspects of unfamiliar cultures by completing a scavenger hunt or watching the stunning WorldFest Talent Show. The proceeds from this event are put towards further developing the multitude of student organizations at Centennial High School. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 12; Centennial’s WorldFest 2018 is not to be missed!

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Gallery Walk

Come walk through the gallery walk where Centennial High School students will be presenting their boards about cultures they are familiar with. Whether it is one they identify with or one they feel connected to, the students are experts. Various countries and cultures will be covered from all 7 continents.

Food Booths

Come and taste the world’s unique and delicious flavors! Give your taste buds the adventure of a lifetime- from savory samosas to indulgent Belgian waffles, there will be a variety of cultural dishes represented at Worldfest! London, Paris, Tokyo, Worldfest is the place to go! With all the foods that you can eat, no other oven can compete! For only 10 dollars, you can get 5 meal tickets, and admission to the talent show.


Worldfest offers numerous classes that revolve around an elecltic spectrum of cultures. Taught by students, the classes give Worldfest partcipants the opportunity to try various international (artistic) activites they have never seen before. These activites range from Chinese Yoyo to Indian dancing to Caligraphy; admission to Worldfest gives you access to all of them.

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Time: 7:20-8:00 PM

Location: Media Center

Topic: Intersectional Identities and Experiences

Speakers will discuss their experiences as advocates for cultural diversity and intersectionality in the greater Howard County community and answer questions from the audience


  • Dr. Calvin Ball, District 2 Councilman
  • Mona Eldadah, Co-Founder of Non-Profit Organization, Next Wave Muslim Initiative
  • Neveen Kurtom, Chair of the Howard County Comission for Women

Talent Show and Fashion Show

Time: 8:00-9:00 PM

Location: Auditorium

Cost: Included in admission!

Are you a Project Runway fan? Do you love America’s Got Talent? Then come to the WorldFest Fashion and Talent Show on April 12th! Beginning at 8:00 in the CHS Auditorium, you can see students showcase their cultural clothing and present important traditions and talents! With clothing and performances from Korea, India, Pakistan, Sudan, El Salvador, China and more being featured, it is a must-see event that is included in the price of admission! Hope to see you there.